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    Results - Call for proposals for Students and PhD Students of the Medical University of Bialystok

    31.01.2019 13:00
    Autor: Administrator UMB


    Strategy of Excellence Project - the University of Research of the Future -
     Accepted projects

    We would like to kindly thank all the PhD students and students as well as their collaborators and tutors for having submitted so many exciting project proposals. There were 31 applications coming from PhD students and 24 applications submitted by the student groups. As announced earlier we were supposed to choose only 10 PhD projects and 15 student projects. We would like to announce the list of the projects that were accepted for realization:

    PhD projects:
    • Untargeted metabolomic profiling of exhaled breath condensate (breathomics / volatolomics) of electronic cigarette smokers (vapers), smokers and non-smokers from general population
    • Proteomic approach to assess the effect of vitamins K on oxidative stress in osteoblasts
    • The role of PGC-1α transcriptional co-activator in lipid metabolism and insulin responsiveness in L6 myotubes
    • Profiling plasma lipid species to predict bariatric surgery effectiveness in Type 2 Diabetes remission
    • The role of miRNAs in the biology of uterine leiomyomas
    • Bioactive compounds and their potential effects on gut microbiomes
    • Analysis of “endocannabinoidome” in multiple sclerosis
    • Evaluation of the influence of human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs) on house dust mite (HDM) induced allergic airway inflammation
    • Development and implementation of miRNA-based biomarker discovery pipeline in non-small cell lung cancer using next-generation sequencing technology
    • LC-MS-based metabolomics analysis of aqueous humor composition from patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment


    Student projects:

    • The role of interleukin-17 in occurrence of depressive disorders in patients with systemic sclerosis
    • Age-dependent changes in proteomic profile of skin fibroblasts exposed to UV radiation
    • The effect of preptin on insulin resistance development and intracellular lipid content in HepG2 cells in lipid overload stste
    • Brain insulin resistance, sphingolipid metabolism and new possible therapeutic approach with cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Large-scale investigation of immune cells’ mutual interactions in combination with transcriptome profiling for the establishment of novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets in childhood high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    • Implementation of multi-parametric in-depth assessment immunological parameters and transcriptome profile in development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in type 1 diabetes pediatric patients
    • Determination of molecular mechanism of BAFF-BAFF-R dependent regulation of inflammasome activation
    • Evaluation of diagnostic ability of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) for spondylodiscitis - pilot study
    • Assessment of the expressions of chemokines and their receptors as the potential biomarkers for the diagnosis and prediction of central nervous system tumours
    • Impact of Cytomegalovirus infection on lung cancer prognosis
    • The effect of extracellular matrix remodeling on adipose tissue metabolism and pathogenesis of obesity
    • The effect of phloroglucinol on the development of insulin resistance in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
    • Correlation between osteopontin level and ECM composition in the development of obesity and T2DM
    • The role of extracellular matrix receptors CD44 and RHAMM and their signaling in obesity, type 2 diabetes and the distribution of adipose tissue
    • Predictive value of metabolomic profile of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients undergoing undergoing chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy


    Once again, thank you for your effort and good luck with your current and future projects.


    Sincerely yours,


    Prof. Marcin Moniuszko, MD, PhD

    Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs