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    Wykład ekspercki prof. Heike Allgayer - 16.05.2019

    11.05.2019 18:54
    Autor: Administrator UMB


    Dear All,

    Professors, Doctors, PhD Students and Students

    of the Medical University of Bialystok


    I would like to cordially invite you to the lecture on mysteries of the metastatic processes.

    What drives metastasis?

    Is metastatic genome identical to the genome of primary tumor?

    Let’s try to get the answers to these questions from the one of the world’s best experts on metastasis:

    Prof. Heike Allgayer


    Centre for Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim

     University of Heidelberg, Germany


    The lecture will take place on

    16th May (Thursday) at 13:00


    in Senate Hall (2nd floor)
    Medical University of Białystok

    Branicki Palace, Jana Kilińskiego 1



    prof. dr hab. Marcin Moniuszko

    Vice-Rector for Science