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    Visa information

    In order to study in Poland, each student will need to legalize your stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

    Citizens of the European Union or countries from the European Economic Area do not need a visa to study in Poland. They can enter Poland with their IDs (a valid travel document, such as passport, or another document to prove their identity and citizenship). However, once they arrive they will need to register their stay in Poland for a period exceeding 90 days. You should apply to the Governor of Podlasie Region for a temporary residence permit

    If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to obtain a visa at a Polish consulate in your home country before your arrival in Poland. Once you arrive in Poland, you will need to apply for a temporary residence card in order to prolong your stay.

    All EU and non-EU citizens are required to legalize their stay in Poland if longer than 90 days or beyond their visa expiration date.

    Each student has to apply for a Temporary Residence Card at the local Voivodeship Office. In order to open the procedure students have to submit the following:

    1.  A valid passport ( 2 photocopies)
    2.  Travel documents (air tickets/boarding cards)
    3.  Filled in application form – 4 copies (available from the Voivodeship Office) 
    4.  4 color photographs 4.5×3.5 cm (left profile) 
    5.  Confirmation of local accommodation registration (at the dorm or another address where the student will live - meldunek*)
    6.  Proof of State loan or bank statement to verify availability of enough cash to support the student during their stay and in their studies
    7.  A certificate issued by the Dean to confirm the student’s status. 
    8.  Insurance Policy with travel insurance coverage for the duration of the policy holder’s stay in Poland


    All documents have to be completed in Polish or translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

    A Residence Card is valid for 15 months+ 3-month extension period. Stamp duty charges for issuing a temporary residence card and for the official procedure are at PLN 390.

    People who have obtained a visas for the whole duration of their stay in Poland do not need to apply for a Temporary Residence Card.


    *Meldunek means registration at your place of residency in Poland. 


    You have to file your application IN PERSON, not later than on the last day of the legal period of your stay in Poland. All non-EU students are strongly advised not to wait until the last minute with legalization of their stay.


    Important links:

    Voivodeship Office website (Polish language only)

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and e-konsulat where you to apply for a visa - link


    Remember that the visa application process may take a long time. Before you apply to our University, please make sure you have enough time to obtain a visa before the pre-course starts.