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    Medical University of Bialystok with record funding for the Innovation Research Center project.

    15.06.2017 14:46
    Autor: Administrator UMB


    The ceremony of giving a symbolic check in the amount of over 130 million PLN (31 million euros) took place in the Center for Innovative Research of the Medical University of Bialystok. The check was handed over by the Podlaskie Voivodeship Board represented by marshal Jerzy Leszczyński and received by Rector of MUB- prof. dr. hab. Adam Krętowski.
    The Innovative Research Center is the largest project within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Rector of UMB, prof. Adam Krętowski thanked the authorities of the voivodeship and the people involved in the project. On behalf of the University, he declared that we would use all of our potential, supported by foreign experts for better, more effective and cheaper treatment of patients 
    The Medical University of Bialystok, thanks to grants from the Regional Operational Program for the years 2014-2020, will implement the project "Center for Innovative Research in the Prevention of Civilization Diseases and Personalized Medicine (CBI PLUS)". It is a continuation of the project, which was implemented within the framework of the ROP for the years 2007-2013 ("Modernization of research equipment of the Center for Innovative Research PLUS", the value of PLN 34.8 million, the co-financing of PLN 29.6 million).
    The value of the project is 188 million PLN. The subsidy is PLN 131.6 million. The missing amount the University wants to acquire from partners from the business environment. It is the highest subsidy granted by the regional program. 
    CBI PLUS will cover:
    - purchase of equipment to 5 departments, where key areas of scientific research are: civilization diseases , e.g. diabetes and obesity, as well as chronic kidney and liver disease or cancer 
    - creation of 8 new laboratories within the Anti-Aging Facility
    - development of the Center of Prevention and Personalized Medicine, including the creation of a new Population Center and Telemedicine Research Center, creation and furnishing of a new laboratory for the Regenerative Medicine Center (which may contribute to the resolution of organ transplant deficiency and the problem of rejection of transplanted organs 
    - building a new facility of Bialystok Molecular Imaging Center to improve the detection and effectiveness of the treatment of civilization diseases.

    In total, 21 research laboratories will be supported . What is more important, 11 of them will be open for the entrepreneurs to use. Research equipment will be purchased and new laboratories will be established. The project will contribute, among others, to increase the innovation of the whole region, strengthen cooperation with entrepreneurs and improve the quality of scientific research in the field of diagnostics and prevention of diseases of the elderly.

    Project in figures:
    - 21 research laboratories supported by the funding
    - 33 scientists working in improved research facilities
    - 11 companies using research laboratories funded within the project
    - 35 research and development projects implemented using the infrastructure co-financed by the project
    - Amount of 137.9 million PLN is the expected investment for the purchase of research equipment
    - Amount of 34.7 million PLN is the predicted value of private investments complementary to public support for innovation or research and development projects.


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