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    Erasmus+ participants scammed with the use of the "bank employee" method

    29.06.2023 14:02
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

    The International Cooperation Department warns against financial fraud.

    There is a growing number of financial fraud cases that affect young people, including Erasmus+ participants, who fell victim to a new “bank employee” scam method.

    Frauds usually follow a similar pattern of actions but at the same time they adapt details to the personal situation of a victim. Students are contacted by an alleged employee of their bank, for example with information about an attempt to extort money in the student's name. The exact instructions given by the bank employee in question may not initially arouse the student's suspicions, but the fraud can result in the total loss of funds, including Erasmus+ scholarship funds.

    In connection with the above situation, we call for your caution when talking to strangers on the phone!


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