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    Have you defeated COVID-19? Donate your plasma and help others heal!

    06.11.2020 08:14
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej


    If you’ve defeated COVID-19 your plasma contains antibodies that can aid in treating COVID-19 patients with severe, life-threatening symptoms of infection. Give them to the nearest Blood Donation Centre and save the health and life of another person!

    Plasma can be collected from people who:


    • have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 / have recovered from confirmed COVID-19, for whom a period of at least 28 days has passed since the symptoms disappeared or 18 days after the end of isolation. People who have passed through the infection asymptomatically can donate plasma after 14 days from the date of the result
    • are fully healthy,
    • have never been pregnant
    • have never had a blood transfusion
    • weigh a minimum of 50 kg


    - people who had tattoos in the last six months cannot donate plasma

    - people who had an operation or any invasive examination (like gastroscopy) in the last six months cannot donate plasma


    - to donate plasma, it is also required to have a PCR test result on the disease or an antigen test confirming the past infection (it is a commercially available test)


    Before the donation: 

    • You don't have to schedule an appointment. 
    • The day before the donation refrain from eating fatty foods
    • The day before the donation drink a lot of water
    • On the day of donation, eat a light healty breakfast. Avoid eggs, sausages, yellow cheese etc. A porrige would be preferable. 
    • Bring your passport or ID with you. 
    • You will receive a sick note for the day of donation, so you will be excused form classes 


    To donate plasma, please contact the Regional Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Centre in Białystok, ul. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 23
    phone: 663 884 663, 85 7456301