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    Modernization of the graphic design of the English-language website of the university and expansion of tabs in other languages

    28.04.2023 14:32
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej


    The International Cooperation Department informs on the completion of the modernization of the graphic design of the English-language MUB website - The refreshed layout is transparent, functional and implemented in accordance with the latest trends in website building. The English-language website and tabs in other languages have also been adapted for digital accessibility. The responsiveness of the pages was also taken care of, so that the modernized English-language website and tabs in foreign languages opened correctly on mobile devices.


    In addition, there were added three new language versions of the website in:

        • Hindi

        • Arabic

        • French


    The criterion for selecting new languages was the number of speakers of a given language in the world, the statistics of the countries from which the most applicants apply and the recruitment potential of candidates from countries where these languages are spoken. Hindi is spoken by 420 million people, Arabic by 295 million people, and French by about 220 million people worldwide.


    The language version of the pages in the languages that were already available before was also updated, i.e.:

        • Chinese

        • Finnish

        • Spanish

        • German

        • Norwegian

        • Swedish

        • English

        • Russian


    The content in all tabs has been translated by a professional translation company, and the programming side has been modernized by a specialized website design company.

    The task was completed thanks to the effective cooperation of employees of the Promotion and Recruitment Office, the IT Department, the International Cooperation Department and the MUB Press Officer.

    The task was carried out within the framework of the project entitled "A window to the world.  Strengthening of communication and providing access to learning platforms in English at the MUB" under the Welcome to Poland (2021) programme of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The project was carried out by the Department of International Cooperation under the supervision of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for International Cooperation – Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Hryszko.


    European Funds KED, RP, NAWA, European Union European Social Fund

    The program is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, a non-competitive project entitled Improving the competences of the academic staff and the potential of institutions in accepting people from abroad - Welcome to Poland implemented as part of the Measure specified in the application for co-financing of the project No. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14/18.


    International Cooperation Department