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    Bialystok is an undisputed leader in the quality of life

    03.07.2017 17:46
    Author: Administrator UMB


    In the ranking of the weekly magazine Wprost, the capital of Podlasie ranks as #1 in the category of the best city to live.

    Bialystok was appreciated for its over 100 km of bike paths and a large share of green areas in the city. The authors of the ranking did not miss the high quality of education. In addition, Bialystok was rated also in the safest city ranking. In this part , Bialystok was ranked # 4th being the highest number  among the cities of the Polish Metropolis Union. Another advantage, which was emphasized by the editors is the large involvement of Bialystok’s inhabitants  in creating its budget. Bialystok's Participatory Budget covers 0.81% of the total budget (the average for Polish cities is about 0.6%).

    It is also worth stressing  that Bialystok turned out to be the best Polish city to live according to the Eurobarometer, prepared by the European Commission. 96% of the city's residents declared a high level of  life satisfaction.


    Please see Bialystok City Bird's-Eye View