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    The successful completion of MUB foreign promotional campaigns on Facebook

    12.08.2020 15:05
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

    Medical University of Bialystok has reached 3,218,684 people thanks to the Facebook advertisement campaigns which targeted potential students and their parents from India, Canada and United States of America for the English-language medical studies.

    Between the dates of 28.05.2020 and 10.08.2020 International Cooperation Office realised three successful Facebook advertisement campaigns which aimed to recruit potential candidates and reach their parents from India, United States of America and Canada. The advertisement campaigns had been created as short informative slideshows with the key information about the 6 years medicine program in English and the Medical University of Bialystok. On the end of the slideshow, audience encouraged to click to the link which directs them to the recently updated admission website for the Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry and Division of Medical Education in English. During the 74 days of the advertisement campaign the admission website received a total of 236,617 clicks which were directed from the advertisements published on Facebook.

    During the creation of the advertisement campaigns we have targeted our audience in order to recruit the high school students and reach their parents with teenagers from India, Canada and United States of America, in separate campaigns. Thank to the automatic placements of ads offered by Facebook, our advertisement campaigns not only appeared on Facebook but also in Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

    The advertisement campaign in India had reached 2.9 million people alone, while in Canada it reached 297,472 people and in United States of America it reached 470,785 people. Among the people reached the in all of the campaigns, the most dominant audience was the people who were aged between 35 and 44. They probably were the parents with teenagers looking for the future university. When it comes to the distribution of gender in our advertisements in India it was 72% men and 28% women, in Canada this proportions were 56.3% women and 43.7% men and in United States of America the proportions were 49% women and 51% men.

    We believe that the concluded Facebook advertisement campaigns will help the Medical University of Bialystok on its goal to reach more potential candidates from all around the world. In consequence with their participation in our studies, we will be able to reach an even higher level of internationalisation as a modern European medical university with 70 years of history and tradition.

    The implementation of Facebook advertisement campaigns are financed from the funds of projects coordinated by the International Cooperation Office under the "Foreign Promotion" Programme of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. The Facebook campaign in the United States and Canada is financed in the amount of PLN 81 480.43 under the project entitled "Azimuth America. Promotion of the Medical University of Bialystok on the American and Canadian markets", agreement no.: PPI/PZA/2019/1/00017/U/00001. Whilst, the Facebook advertisement campaign in India is financed in the amount of PLN 77 985.64 under the project entitled "MUB at the edge of the world - promotion of the Medical University of Bialystok on Asian markets", agreement no.: PPI/PZA/2019/1/00002/U/00001.

    The project is co-financed from the National Agency for Academic Exchange within the “Foreign Promotion” Programme.