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    VII Metabolomics Circle Conference has ended

    12.11.2020 08:41
    Author: Administrator UMB


    The seventh Metabolomics Circle conference was held online at the Medical University of Białystok (November 4-6). It was attended by over a dozen experts, including scientists from many renowned research centers around the world. This year's organizer was the Metabolomics Laboratory - MUB's Clinical Research Center.

    The Metabolomics Circle conference is a cyclical scientific meeting of the Polish Metabolomic Society. It is attended by national research teams dealing with metabolomics, people interested in the subject and invited guests from abroad. The conference serves the exchange of experiences in the field of analytical methods used in metabolomics, large-scale data analysis and metabolomics applications, among others in medicine, biology and food research. The key purpose of these meetings is to integrate the scientific community and exchange views and experiences.

    The program of this year's event included 5 workshops, 4 lecture sessions, 2 sessions of short presentations and a poster session. In addition, there were 4 discussion panels in which the practical aspects of conducting metabolomics research were discussed, as well as topics related to the use of metabolomics in biomedicine, combining metabolomics data with other types of data and the use of metabolomics in the non-academic sector.

    The conference was attended by world leaders in metabolomics research: Coral Barbas (Universidad CEU-San Pablo, Madrid, Spain), Maria Fedorova (Universität Leipzig, Germany), Tomaš Čajka (Institute of Physiology CAS, Czech Republic), Liang Li (University of Alberta, Edmonton , Alberta, Canada), Hafiz Suleria (The University of Melbourne, Australia) and Craig Wheelock (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden). Among the lecturers and leaders of sessions and discussion panels were also employees of our university: prof. dr hab. Wojciech Miltyk, dr hab. Andrzej Eljaszewicz, dr hab. Wojciech Łuczaj, dr hab. Michał Ciborowski, dr Joanna Godzień, dr Bartłomiej Kałaska, dr Andrzej Małkowski and mgr Patrycja Mojsak. During three days, the live broadcast of the event on the Internet was watched by almost 200 people who logged in both from Poland and abroad.