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    Study visit of MUB students in Augustów

    08.06.2021 08:46
    Author: Administrator UMB


    The 2nd edition of the module: Workshop classes carried out by an interdisciplinary team implemented in the project "We have POWER - we invest in the region's competences", implemented with European funds under the Operational Program Knowledge Development Education 2014-2020 (OP KED) is coming to an end.

    The students of the Medical University of Bialystok from the following faculties: Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy (72 people in total) are participating in the project (2020-2022). Its main goal is to acquire competences that complement the knowledge gained during studies and serve to better prepare for work in the field of interdisciplinary care for a geriatric patient. The coordinator of the project is dr hab. Zyta Beata Wojszel.

    The project includes, among others: workshops on communication and analytical competences in interdisciplinary groups, practical classes in interdisciplinary teams with the participation of a simulated patient and two study visits.

    At the end of the module in the project, on 19-21 and 24-26 May,. there were two, 3-day national study visits to the Sanatorium "PAŁAC NA WODZIE" FALKOWSKI E&B in Augustów, attended by 24 students.

    The program of stay included, among others getting to know the facility as the place of a medical entity in the health care system, as well as providing the opportunity to observe the functioning of interdisciplinary therapeutic teams in a sanatorium center.