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    MUB's scientific work with an award for the original report of the highest scientific value

    17.01.2022 15:35
    Author: Administrator UMB


    Scientists from the Medical University of Bialystok together with scientists from the National Institute of Cardiology of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw (NIKard) received the award of the Scientific Committee of the 14th Scientific Conference of the Prevention and Epidemiology Section of the Polish Society of Cardiology "Preventive Cardiology 2021" in Krakow (November 18-20, 2021) for "The original report of the greatest scientific value." The work entitled "Does a diet rich in Plant Sterols reduce the chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases?" authors: A. Witkowska, A. Waśkiewicz, A. Cicha-Mikołajczyk, I. Mirończuk-Chodakowska, M. Zujko, W. Drygas.

    Plant sterols are compounds with multiple biological functions, mainly cholesterol-reducing. The role of fortified foods, which provide 1-2 g of phytosterols per day, is especially emphasized. The average Polish citizen’s diet provides only 0.256 g of plant sterols. However, there are reports that a diet rich in phytosterols may also have a cholesterol-lowering effect, therefore the aim of the studies was to assess the relationship between the content of phytosterols in the diet and the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the adult Polish population. It concluded that a higher dietary phytosterol content (≥0.296 g) appears to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease in male population, but not in female one. When interpreting the results, it should also be considered that the overall nutritional quality of people in the third tercil of phytosterol intake was better compared to the first one.