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    Prof. Agnieszka Tycińska a new provincial consultant in the field of intensive care

    18.05.2022 10:55
    Author: Administrator UMB


    The Voivode of Podlasie, Bohdan Paszkowski, appointed prof. Agnieszka Tycińska - deputy head of the Department of Cardiology of the University Clinical Hospital in Białystok and head of the Intensive Cardiological Supervision Department.

    She will perform her function for 5 years.

    The main tasks of provincial consultants in health care include: implementation of opinion-making, advisory and control tasks for government administration bodies; supervision over the content of professional development and specialization training; participation in the work of committees and teams appointed to implement health policy. Prof. Agnieszka Tycińska is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Białystok. She specialized in internal diseases at the Department of Cardiology of the University Hospital in Białystok, then she completed a specialization in cardiology. She started (and continues to work as an academic teacher and scientist) at the Department of Cardiology, initially as an assistant and then an assistant professor. In 2005. at the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Bialystok, she obtained a doctorate in medical sciences, and in 2014 on the basis of her habilitation thesis, she obtained the degree of habilitated doctor of medical sciences. From 2018, she is the deputy head of the Department of Cardiology and the head of the Intensive Cardiac Supervision Department.