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    MUB in the forefront of Polish universities. The ministry presented the results of the evaluation for the years 2017-2021.

    29.07.2022 15:02
    Author: Administrator UMB


    Category A + in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences, Category A in the discipline of medical sciences and Category A in the discipline of health sciences - these are the results of the evaluation of the Medical University of Bialystok presented by the Minister of Science and Education. The assessment covers a 5-year period from 2017 to 2021.

    The evaluation assigns scientific categories in individual scientific disciplines. These categories determine, among others the possibility of conducting studies with a general academic profile and awarding academic degrees, the amount of subsidies, i.e. money that research units receive from the state budget. The assessment takes into account the individual achievements of employees representing a given discipline. Individual disciplines are awarded the following scientific categories: A +, A, B +, B and C.

    The Medical University of Bialystok once again confirmed its great scientific potential and was at the forefront of Polish universities and research institutions. Two Faculties of MUB - the Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry and the Division of Medical Education in English and the Faculty of Health Sciences were awarded category A, and the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine was included in the prestigious group of the few centers with the A + category!

    The quality of scientific activity was evaluated by the Science Evaluation Committee, which is the minister's consultative and advisory body. The Commission carried out an evaluation on the basis of the POL-on Integrated Information System on Higher Education and Science. The basic evaluation criteria are:

    criterion I - scientific or artistic level of the conducted scientific activity;

    criterion II - financial results of research and development works;

    criterion III - the impact of scientific activity on the functioning of society and the economy.