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    Nursing and Public Health received a positive assessment of the Polish Accreditation Committee

    01.06.2023 19:50
    Author: Administrator UMB

    In the academic year 2022/2023, the Polish Accreditation Committee issued a positive assessment for the following fields of study: Nursing (first-cycle studies with a practical profile and second-cycle studies with a general academic profile) and Public Health (second-cycle studies with a general academic field) conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the MUB.

    Accreditation in those fields of study has been granted for 6 years, the next program evaluation is planned for the academic year 2028/2029. All the quality criteria adopted by the Committee have been met. The Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee stated that the education process implemented at the Medical University of Bialystok enables students of Nursing and Public Health to achieve the assumed learning outcomes.