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    Campus safety







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    Campus Safety and Security procedures at the Medical University of Bialystok


    At the entrance to each facility of the Medical University of Bialystok there’s a lodge with security checkpoint.

    In case of any threat or crime a porter or university employee should be alerted.

    It is required to report any hazards, incidents and injuries.

    Types of hazard that may occur in the facilities of the Medical University of Białystok:

    a. crimes against human life and health

    b. crimes against property

    c. disruption of order, violation of the University area by unauthorized persons

    d. discovering dangerous package

    e. fire, flood, construction disaster

    In case of crime on campus police is informed immediately in accordance with established procedures.

    In case of any crime on campus initial steps are taken by a porter or the authorized university employee.

    In case of finding any unidentified objects it is required to report to the nearest

    porter’s lodge or Student’s Dormitory or University employee.

    It’s forbidden to touch or move any unrecognized/suspected objects.

    Upon check in the dormitory each student gets a resident card to carry with him/her at all times. An unauthorized person willing to enter  will be requested to identify himself/herself and specify the reason of their visit. Each visitor will be registered (time of entry and exit).

    All students who are residents of the Student Dormitory are obliged to abide by the Rules and Regulation of the Student Dormitory (for review on the website and at the Dorm’s Office), especially:

    - maintain cleanliness and order of the occupied rooms and rooms of the

    common use,

    - comply with safety and fire regulations as well as with manuals of gas and

    electric equipment

    - immediately inform the manager, administration of SD or porters about any

    thefts, burglary, break-down of equipment and also in the case of sudden

    illness or a roommate accident,

    - conduct properly to enable other residents to work and rest,

    - using rooms, equipment and furnishing properly.

    The following behavior is strictly forbidden at the Student Dormitory:

    - using electric cookers, radiators, kettles and heaters in their own rooms

    without permission of the Student Dormitory manager,

    - using self-made installation, repairing and modifying of electric, sanitary,

    phone, computer and antenna equipment as well as others

    - producing, selling, serving and consuming alcoholic beverages and drugs

    - smoking,

    - gambling,

    - possession of guns / pneumatic weapons.

    Upon your arrival to the campus make yourself familiar with the procedures in case of fire which can be viewed at the website or at the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medicine .

    Notices about the fire evacuation routes and evacuation procedures are marked inside all University buildings.


    Student is strictly forbidden to bring in or use or distribute any narcotics or intoxicating agents and other dangerous substances or items within the University area.


    Emergency call 112