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    Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH (VBCF), Austria

    VBCF is a non-profit research institution founded in 2011 with the goal of providing cutting-edge scientific services and infrastructure access to both academic and industrial partners at VBCF in ten different scientific areas, ranging from molecular biology to high resolution imaging of whole organisms. VBCF has been taking part in numerous national and EU programmes. It has its own, unique VBCF PhD training programme. The Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing Facility (BioComp) provides scientific software development, bioinformatics data analysis, statistical consulting and training services to the VBCF and external partners. Established in 2012, the group already has a very solid track record in designing and implementing advanced algorithms, driven by the practical needs of experimental biologists. The facility has workstations equipped with an Intel Xeon Phi special-purpose accelerator board and an NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPGPU card with 2880 cores and 12 GB GDDR5 on-board RAM, and has access to HPC clusters located at VBCF with more than 2000 cores, 14000 GByte RAM. At BioComp the students will be in a unique position to get integrated into a vibrant biomedical research community. Like all other BioComp facility employees, they will have access to the facilities of the other institutes, most importantly the IT infrastructure and supercomputing resources at the IMP and at the GMI, the online journal subscriptions of the Max Perutz Library at the VBCF, and they will be able to attend seminars and international workshops organised on campus. Key people: Attila Gyenesei (Adj. Prof., PhD; M) Core Facility Head, Sini Junttila (PhD; F) Bioinformatician, Pedro Serrano (MSc; M) Biocomputing Specialist.