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    ENGLISH DIVISION_2020/2021_teaching subjects, syllabuses & materials for classes and lectures

    2nd Year MEDICINE ED 

    Professionalism in Medicine / SYLLABUS

    Classes scheduled according to timetable.


    2nd Year MEDICINE ED

    ELECTIVE: Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy / SYLLABUS

    Classes will take place on TUESDAYS at 17.30 - 19.00 from 13th October to 16th February


    2nd Year MEDICINE ED 

    Medical Psychology / SYLLABUS

    Classes scheduled according to timetable.


    3rd Year MEDICINE ED

    ELECTIVE: Representation of Psychological Disorders in the Cinema / SYLLABUS

    Classes scheduled for: 22/10, 03/11, 24/11, 08/12, 09/03,



    C O U R S E   R E G U L A T I O N S 

    governing students of the Medical University of Bialystok

    attending classes at the 


    in the academic year 2020/2021



      1.   Classes take place  in accordance with the timetable which is posted

            on the noticeboard next to room 4.26 in the department in the Faculty 

            of Health Sciences and on the department's website at: 

            https://www.umb.edu.pl/wnoz/studium-filozofii-i-psychologii-człowieka    2.   Student's attendance at lectures, seminars and classes is obligatory.

            Students are required to make up any work missed as a result of

            absences, irrespective of the reason for not being present, and

            the form in which this is done should be agreed with the lecturer.

            Under no circumstances is it permitted to miss more than 20% of

            classes. Students who do not comply with this regulation will NOT

            receive a credit in the subject.

      3.   Lectures and seminars will be OLINE and the regulations in (2)

            apply as above.

      4.   In accordance with University regulations governing prevention

            of the spread of Covid-19, students are required to wear masks

            covering their nose and mouth ALL THE TIMES in the Faculty of

            Health Sciences building. Students who fail to comply with this

            regulation will be required  to leave the building and will NOT

            receive a credit in the subject.

      5.   Lecturers conducting classes are available for consultation during

            their office hours or by the e-mail. Lecturer's office hours and contact 

            details are available on the department's website.

      6.   The conditions for obtaining a credit in a given subjects , assessment

            criteria and the form of the credit or examination, along with criteria

            for granting exemption from a given subjects, are specified in the


      7.    A list of compulsory and recommended textbooks for particular

            subjects is specified in the course syllabuses.

      8.   Students may review their own marked written work by applying to 

            the lecturer responsible for the subject during his/her office hours. 

      9.   Students will be informed directly of their examination results and 

            credit achievements by the lecturer in a given subjects.  Alternatively

            results will be posted according to the student's academic record log

            number (numer indeksu) on the department noticeboard  or sent by

            e-mail to the student's group representative(s).

     10.  In the case of non-attendance for the credit evaluation or examination

            the student is required to contact the lecturer responsible for the

            subject during his/her office hours in order in order to arrange an

            alternative time for the evaluation.

     11.  In order to receive conformation of their results in the academic

            record log, students are required to contact the lecturer responsible

            for the subject.

     12.  Students are entitled to appeal in the matter on their final assessment

            grades (within 7 days of their announcement) to the Head of the

            Department. Under such circumstances the Department Head may

            require students to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of study. 

     13.  The deadline fo obtaining entries for final gradies (signatures)

            in student's record logs for the academic year 2020/2021:

             - for courses ending in the winter semester: 30.04.2021 r.

             - for courses ending in the summer semester: 27.06.2021 r.

     14.  In any circumstanceses not reffered to in the above REGULATIONS,


            BIAŁYSTOK apply.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                Head of

                              Department of Philosophy & Human Psychology

                             dr hab. Barbara Polityńska - Lewko