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    Research & Science



    Research activity:


    I. Determination of mineral components:

    • macroelements: Mg, Ca, K;
    • microelements: Cu, Zn, Fe, Se, Cr, Mn, V, Ni, Co;
    • toxic elements: Pb, Cd, Hg, As

    in food (also in functional food, dietary supplements), cosmetics, medicines and biological material (e.g. blood, hair, cancer tissue) using:

    - flame or electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry method - AAS (Hitachi Z-2000 Instrument);

    - Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry - ICP/MS (NexION 300D, PerkinElmer);

    - mercury (Hg) analysis using equipment AMA 254 (Leco).

    We participate in a quality control program for trace element analysis supervised by the National Institute of Public Health.

    II. Chemical food and herbs composition using GC/MS (Clarus 680 PerkinElmer), HPLC/MS (Flexar, PerkinElmer)

    III. Quantitative, qualitative and food safety analysis:

    • honey bee – methods in accordance with European Standards;
    • meat analysis (fat, water, protein, salt and collagen) using near infra red spectroscopy (NIR) with artificial neural network (ANN) prediction models by FoodScan Lab (FOSS) equipment;
    • determination of total dietary fiber content by AOAC method (equipment – FOSS);
    • nitrate and nitrite;
    • salt content;
    • nitrogen and total protein determination by the Kjeldahl method (Büchi).

    IV. The role of nutrition in prevention of health disorders

    • body composition analysis using bioelectrical impedance analysis system InBody 720 (BioSpace);
    • analysis of diet, dietary habits and their influence on nutritional status.

    V. Cell culture analyses: 

    • anticancer activity of natural products and food ingredients;
    • isolation and identification of glioma cells from patients with different grade of gliomas;
    • cytotoxicity (MTT, LDH tests);
    • DNA synthesis (using [H3]thymidine incorporation);
    • Western Blotting;
    • Gelatin zymography;
    • ELISA;
    • Cell cycle, defragmentation DNA (Nucleocounter, NC-3000, ChemoMetec).

    VI. Microbiological analyses:

    1. Determination of antimicrobial activity of food ingredients and new preservatives

    • minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC);
    • minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC);
    • preservation test.

    2. Microbiological analysis of food products.


    The offer of patent conclusion on the new preservatives for food and cosmetics:

    “The use of sodium picolinate as a preservative of food and cosmetics” 

      (Polish patent No of exclusive rights: 212851).

    „The preservative system for cosmetics”

      (Polish patent No of exclusive rights: 215352).




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