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    Medycyna Praktyczna is a monthly journal intended for internal medicine specialists, GPs as well as for specialists in specific fields of medicine. It is a compendium of medical knowledge based on reliable and up-to-date publications developed by experienced medical specialists. Since 1991, continuously, they publish highly valued journals and books in the medical community. Research shows that over 90% of medical doctors make diagnostic and managemental decisions based on publications from Medycyna Praktyczna. This regularly read, most often cited source of current guidelines, most often chosen within the medical community, is a key tool for a physician in Poland.

    In addition, MP also runs a portal for doctors which is the most visited professional medical website in Poland. They also created the biggest training centre for doctors in Poland – for over 20 years they organise many nationwide conferences and workshops.


    Corpus Mind  is a company that creates mnemonic aids for learning pharmacology, and from this year also physiology with human pathophysiology. Are you looking for a way to learn effectively
    and pleasantly? This is us!

    What will you find among our products? Platform - an innovative e-learning platform with mnemonics, videos, presentations, exercises and a database of questions a huge body of pharmacological knowledge. It helps in an interesting way, transparent and, most importantly, effective, master the features of the data medicines.

    P.hysio Platform - the younger sister of F.arma, created to facilitate learning physiology with elements of pathophysiology. You will find over 500 original graphics and animations, as many as 60 presentations and a database of over 1,000 questions. There will also be replays of anatomy and histology.
    "Więcej niż LEK" is a Polish Medical Educational Portal known for its educational excellence, which main mission is to support effective learning and the development of core medical competencies, as well as integration of the medical community in Poland. We aim to assist all students and young doctors in smoothly transitioning from a student to a medical professional, and in building professional competence from the first years of medical practice. Currently, our offerings include:
    • E-learning course for Polish medical and dental licensing exams, LEK and LDEK
      Kursy z Nauk Klinicznych - Clinical Sciences Courses, with which students can effectively prepare for exams during college and systematize knowledge during a school year;
    • "Twój Pierwszy Dyżur" - Your First Shift Course, with which students learn how to conduct differential diagnostics for patients presenting to hospitals, primary healthcare (general practicioners), night and holiday emergency services (nightshifts), and emergency departments (E.R. - Emergency Room);
    • Kurs Prawa Lekarza - Medical Law e-learning Course, through which students will understand the polish legal aspects of medical practice to practice safely;
    • Kurs Efektywnej Nauki - Effective Learning Course, with which students learn… how to learn!

    Więcej niż LEK is a complete educational experience that prepares Polish students for a confident and conscious entry into their chosen profession - starting from the very first years of theirs studies.
    MedPharm Polska is a medical Publishing House located in Wroclaw, Poland. It has been operating on the Polish market since 2005. MedPharm offers over 300 titles of atlases and textbooks. You can find them in our medical bookstore:
    Our books are intended primarily for doctors, pharmacists, hysiotherapists, laboratory diagnosticians, cosmetologists and veterinarians. Also persons from outside the medical environment may reach for MedPharm publications.
    MedPharm Polska is the publisher of the Polish edition of the European bestseller, the human anatomy atlas PROMETEUSZ. The publication is distinguished by excellent quality illustrations and the combination of the features of the atlas and the textbook. The 3-volume set is available in the version with the Latin nomenclature, as well as in the version with the English nomenclature. We also have the Polish edition of Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Moore - one of the most popular anatomy textbooks in the world.
    PZWL is a publishing house with a long, established tradition that has been supporting the education of the medical community for generations. Following innovations and developments in medical sciences, we focus on cooperation with the best specialists.
    The SARSTEDT Group, an international enterprise with headquarters in Germany, develops and produces instruments and consumables for medicine and science. Our product range includes theS-Monovette® Blood Collection System as well as high-quality consumables for use in laboratories,
    hospital supplies and system solutions for transfusion medicine and medical research. Innovative automated systems for pre- and post-analytics in the clinical laboratory, either as stand-alone instruments or modular concepts with optimally adjusted system components, provide the ideal solution for any large laboratory with extremely high sample throughput or small labs. State-of-the-art technologies, a skilled workforce and comprehensive customer service guarantee these consistently superior quality standards in manufacturing and distributing advanced precision products tailored to suit the most sophisticated analytical requirements.

    Marko proudly shares its passion for creating exceptional jewelry. As a family business with over twenty years of tradition in the Polish market, it emphasizes offering products that not only enchant with their aesthetics but also carry deep emotions. It specializes in handmade diamond jewelry, crafted with great care in its own jewelry workshop.

    The company's offering focuses on jewelry with precious stones, including a wide selection of engagement rings and diamond jewelry, which allows for building a strong and recognizable brand in the market. Thanks to consistency and passion, Marko has grown into a leader in jewelry in northeastern Poland. You can visit one of the 8 jewelry salons, as well as the online store at, where you will find both gold and silver products, including rings, wedding bands, and jewelry perfect as gifts.


    Bio-Rad Laboratories is an American company in the field of life science research and clinical diagnostics, present on the market for over 70 years. Bio-Rad's mission is to develop solutions and products that accelerate the discovery process and improve health care.

    Bio-Rad is one of the five largest life sciences companies in the world. In the field of life sciences research, it offers devices, software, reagents and consumables for the areas of cell biology, gene expression, protein purification and quantification, as well as drug discovery and production. Includes solutions utilizing PCR techniques, real-time PCR, digital droplet PCR, Western Blot, electrophoresis, visualization, chromatography.

    Bio-Rad Laboratories is also a leading global supplier of in vitro diagnostic materials in the areas of clinical quality control, blood transfusions, diabetes monitoring, autoimmune testing and infectious diseases. Bio-Rad products support the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases and other conditions.

    Bio-Rad Laboratories cooperates with university and research institutions, hospitals, public health laboratories and commercial, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, as well as applied laboratories that deal with food safety and environmental quality.