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    Registration will soon open for free workshops on flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, saliva collection methods and more. All training courses will be certified.


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    Workshop 1 (26.04.2024, 8:15-9:30) Can you distinguish between Th and Tc lymphocytes in 30 minutes?

    The practical classes will consist of staining blood cells and analyzing them on a flow cytometer. During the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to learn about the technique of flow cytometry, which makes it possible to distinguish cell populations on the basis of morphological characteristics, according to the ability to scatter light and antigenic composition, using fluorescence.

    Moderated by Prof. Małgorzata Rusak, Department of Hematological Diagnostics, MUB


    Workshop 2 (26.04.2024, 8:15-9:15) Saliva collection methods for laboratory diagnostics

    There are growing hopes for the use of saliva in biomedical diagnostics. Salivary biomarkers can be helpful in the diagnosis and differentiation of many systemic diseases, drug-monitored therapy, and forensics. The proper way of collecting saliva determines the quality of salivary diagnostic biomarkers. The workshop aims to introduce selected saliva collection methods used in biomedical research and laboratory diagnostics.

    Moderated by Julita Szulimowska, PhD, DD and Sara Zięba, DD, Department of Conservative Dentistry, MUB


    Workshop 3 (26.04.2024, 8:30-10:30) Visual skin analysis

    Join us for a workshop that will focus on visual skin analysis using computerized skin analysis equipment. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques and methods for interpreting skin condition data. They will learn how to use advanced tools to accurately assess skin condition by identifying various parameters. The workshop will provide hands-on experience in working with the devices and interpreting the results, allowing for a better understanding and use of the technology in daily practice.

    Moderated by Katarzyna Wołosik, PhD, MSc and Natalia Chylińska, MSc, Independent Laboratory of Cosmetology, MUB


    Workshop 4 (26.04.2024, 8:30-10:30) Practical approach to cytokeratin 5 detection in pulmonary ADC and SQCC

    During the workshop participants will be able to take part in the different stages of immunohistochemical staining and preparation of microscopic slides. Cytokeratin 5 is a promising diagnostic marker for pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma (SQCC), indicating the presence of cells with epithelial characteristics. The workshops concludes with participants being able to view and analyze the slides.

    Moderated by Małgorzata Łukasik, PhD, MSc, Department of Histology and Embryology, MUB


    Workshop 5 (26.04.2024, 8:15-9:15) NGS Workflow: From Sample Collection to Data Analysis

    In this workshop, you will see how a professional NGS laboratory works. The key steps to ensure high-quality data include adequate material protection, nucleic acid isolation, quality and quantity checks, library construction, and sequencing preparation. During the workshop, we will discuss these steps, and you will have the opportunity to check the quality and quantity of isolated DNA by yourself.

    Moderated by Magdalena Niemira, PhD, Agnieszka Bielska, PhD, and Anna Zeller, MSc Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory, Clinical Research Centre, MUB


    Workshop 6 (26.04.2024, 9:30-10:15) Commercialisation of research results at universities

    This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the commercialisation process, using practical examples to illustrate key concepts. We will discuss intellectual property rights with particular reference to inventions such as the use of biomarkers. We will also provide practical information for researchers to avoid missing opportunities to commercialise their results.

    Moderated by Agnieszka Bielska, PhD, and Katarzyna Trusewicz, PhD, Technology Transfer Office, Clinical Trials Support Centre, MUB