• 13.03.2019 Zakład Laboratoryjnej Diagnostyki Pediatrycznej

    Research & Science


    Research activity - the major research topics


    • Mechanisms of special immunity - lymphocyte subpopulation in different sickness states.
    • Immunological function of hypertrophied adenoid.
    • Complicity hypertrophied adenoid in pathophysiology otitis media with effusion.
    • Biological markers of alcohol abuse (sialic acid, CDT - carbohydrate-deficient transferrin)
    • Diagnostic usefulness of sialic acid and transferrin isoform profile in selected diseases


    Investigations methods


    • Flow cytometry
    • Electrochemiluminescence
    • Colorimetric biochemical methods
    • Immunoenzymatic methods
    • Cytochemistry staining
    • Fluorescence microscopy



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