• 13.03.2019 Zakład Laboratoryjnej Diagnostyki Pediatrycznej



    Diagnostic activity:



    • The Department of Paediatric Laboratory Diagnostics is located in the University Children's Hospital. There are four units within Department: clinical chemistry, general analytics and parasitology, haematology and coagulology, toxicology and pharmacodynamics.
    • The laboratory provides diagnostic investigations with range of biochemistry (electrolytes, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrate, non-protein nitrogen, acid – base balance, CO-oxymetry), general analytics (urine analysis, cerebrospinal fluid and exudate fluid), haematology with immunophenotyping and hemostasy, hormonal diagnostics of thyroid diseases range (TPO, TG), disorder of growth (GH, IGF-1), disorder pubescence (DHEAS) , toxicology (ethanol, cocaine, morphine), monitoring medicines, the immunological diagnostics in range of hepatotrophy viruses, cytomegaloviruses, rotaviruses, adenoviruses, infection of Toxoplasma gondii, Borrelia burgdorferi, immunological diagnosis of autoimmunological diseases range. The Department performs about 450 000 laboratory investigations for in- and out-patients annually. The laboratory participates in Polish and international laboratory quality control programmes.