Medical University of Bialystok. Useful informations.
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    Useful informations


    Didactic assistants:


    MD PhD  Alicja Małgorzata Ołtarzewska (on duty at Department  on  Monday (12-14p.m)


    MD PhD Anna Gryko (on duty at Department  on Tuesday ( 12-14p.m)



    List of skills acquired by the medical students during the practical clinical training

    Confirmation of the acquired skills is signed by the doctor conducting classes at the GP practice

    1. Measuring the peak expiratory flow.
    2. Diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic planning in the most common adult diseases.
    3. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases in primary care.
    4. Delivering unfavorable information according to protocols (e.g.: SPIKES, EMPATIA, ABCDE).
    5. Death confirmation.
    6. Ambulatory care and rehabilitation of chronically ill patients.
    7. Familiarisation with rules of nursing and feeding of a newborn and neonate.
    8. Analyzing the summary of product characteristics (SPC) and critical appraisal of medical advertising materials.
    9. Critical analysis of potential side effects of drugs and their interactions.
    10. Planning referral of patients to specialists.
    11. Individual approach to current treatment guidelines or other therapeutic methods when standard therapy is ineffective or contraindicated.
    12. Practical knowledge of the contracting process of both public and commercial health care services.



    Solving clinical problems with the use of internet based medical databases


    Please solve the following 3 clinical problems using internet based databases

    1. A 52-year old male patient presents with abdominal ultrosound revealing presence of a 4 mm polyp in his gall-bladder. He occasionally suffers from pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. What management would you recommend? Plese use the UpToDate Clinical Base - password restricted but available from the Library computers and University computers


    2. A 37-year old male plans a trip to Thailandand Cambodiawith a group of friends. He will stay in Bangkokand then travel to jungle on the Thailand/Cambodia border. What vaccinations are recommended? Is there any type of chemoprophylaxis advisable? What medications would you recommend to take along?

    Please use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) webpage - free access



    3. What preventive services are recommended for a 50-year old female and a 50-year old male?

    Please use the United States Preventive Services Task Force web page - Guide to Clinical Preventive Services 2012 - free access