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    The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Białystok was established in 1999. Initially,  it functioned as the Division of Nursing of the Faculty of Medicine, offering an extra-mural master’s degree programme in nursing.  Nursing students.

    The year 2000 marked the launching of full-time bachelor’s degree programmes in nursing, physiotherapy and dietetics. Two years later, bachelor’s degree programmes in midwifery and public health were opened. In 2003, the Senate of the Medical University of Białystok set up the Faculty of Nursing and Healthcare. Pursuant to the Senate’s decision of 27th March, 2008, the name was changed to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

    The teaching and research staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences are experienced and highly qualified. The structure and the facilities of the institution contribute to the realization of modern teaching and scientific programmes. The Faculty hires 170 academic teachers, including 19 professors and 15 habilitated doctors (post-doctoral degree).

    Today, the Faculty comprises 28 units, including: 7 hospital (clinical) departments, 18 teaching departments, 2 independent labs and 1 basic sciences department. All of them are engaged in training physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, electroradiologists, dietitians, physiotherapists, paramedics, speech therapists and public health students.

    A new, modern and well-equipped Teaching and Research Centre of the Faculty of Health Sciences, which houses most of the departments, was opened in October 2011.

    Students during first aid workshop.

    The Faculty of Health Sciences has the powers to confer the academic degrees of doktor (PhD) in two disciplines: medicine and health sciences, and doktor habilitowany (post-doctoral degree) in the same disciplines.

    The youngest Faculty of the Medical University is very active and offers more and more courses of study every year. A new programme in electroradiology was opened in2007, and in speech therapy in 2009.