Medical University of Bialystok. About the Faculty.
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    About the Faculty


    The Faculty of Medicine has got the longest history of the entire Medical University of Bialystok. It was opened at the same time as the Doctor’s Academy of BialystokSeminar classes At University Hospital. under the 03rd February 1950 Regulation of the Council of Ministers. In 1969, the School’s field of activity grew with the establishment of the Division of Dentistry. During the following years, new courses in medical studies  were added regularly. In 1999, the Division of Nursing opened at the Faculty of Medicine, to subsequently become an independent unit of the School organization, named the Faculty of Nursing and Health Care. The 6-year medical training program in English started in 2004. At the Faculty of Medicine, medical course in dental techniques was first launched in the Practical classes at Dentistry.academic year 2009/2010.   

    The Faculty has the power  authorized to award  Doctor degrees, i.e. Ph.D in Medical Sciences and Ph.D with Habilitation in Medicine, Medical Biology and Dentistry.

    The Faculty’s research and teaching resources continued to grow and progress throughout the years, with many new teachers hired and new departments/clinics built.

    Teaching, research, diagnostics and patient treatment are delivered by the Faculty through its 69 units of organization, including 26 Departments, 40 Clinics, 2 Study Centres and 2 independent laboratories.