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    MUB Biobank Data Repository

    MUB Biobank, as an entity dedicated to Total Quality Management, is cooperating with multiple entities oriented on genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and proteomics assays to develop best practices in omics research.  As a Multidisciplinary Team, we have developed an integrated system for quality control of biospecimens at every single step to minimize the impact of pre-analytical variables on the final results of high-throughput studies.

    Our study addresses the challenges posed by the rapid development of novel molecular techniques in omics assays and their impact on traditional biobanking practices. We collaborated with the Indivumed Group and utilized biospecimens from oncological patients in Polish clinics. Our focus was on serum and plasma samples along with fresh-frozen tissue samples.

    For serum and plasma samples, we implemented a range of quality control measures, including monitoring hemolysis, ensuring RNA extraction efficiency, assessing cDNA library quality and quantity, and verifying NGS raw data. Tissue samples underwent pathologic evaluation to confirm histology and determine tumor content. 

    To ensure the suitability of biospecimens for advanced research applications, we introduced molecular-based quality control methods aligned with the demands of high-throughput assays. We developed distinct workflows for conducting preanalytical quality control of serum/plasma and fresh-frozen tissue samples. 

    Overall, our work contributes to the advancement of biobanking practices by providing novel workflows and quality control methods that enhance the integrity and suitability of biospecimens for cutting-edge molecular research.

    In our DATA REPOSITORY, we have included resources crucial for the implementation and replication of our methods that are customizable to accommodate the capabilities of different biobanking entities oriented on the development of a Quality Management System for high-throughput research. 

    • Workflows: Detailed step-by-step procedures outlining the preanalytical quality control measures for serum/plasma and fresh-frozen tissue samples. These workflows provide guidance on monitoring hemolysis, assessing RNA extraction efficiency, evaluating cDNA library quality and quantity, and verifying NGS raw data.

    I. Workflows for quality control of biospecimens dedicated to high-throughput assays

    II. Workflows dedicated to the process of biobanking as an essential part of the research

    III. Workflows illustrating the Data Management process between MUB Biobank and Multi-omics Research Groups 


    • NGS Panel Tests for Driver Mutations

    NGS panel tests for driver mutations were developed using samples from MUB Biobank, enabling the detection of specific genetic alterations associated with cancer. These tests utilize NGS technology to analyze multiple genes simultaneously, providing valuable information for personalized treatment and targeted therapies.

    • NGS Panel Test - Liquid Biopsy - NGS Panel test for driver mutations in liquid biopsy samples from Patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) implemented in ONCOSup Service,
    • NGS Panel Test - FFPE Tissue - NGS Panel test for driver mutations in FFPE samples from Patients with NSCLC implemented in ONCOSup Service,
    • Certification Process of ONCOSup Service including Technical and Analytical Certification with International Schemes of External Quality Assessment (EQA)

    In the MUB Biobank, an Informed Consent Form is an essential component of the sample and data collection process. The Informed Consent Form provides detailed information to potential donors about the purpose, procedures, risks, and benefits of participating in the biobanking procedure. The Form was reviewed and approved by the Ethics Committee of The Medical University of Bialystok: protocol codes: R-I-002/357/2014, date of approval: 11.09.2014; R-I-002/600/2019, date of approval: 19.12.2019 and APK.002.171.2021, date of approval: 25.03.2021.

    By including these resources in the data repository, we aim to facilitate the implementation of our methods by providing researchers with comprehensive documentation, software tools, and access to relevant datasets. This ensures transparency, reproducibility, and the ability to build upon our work in the scientific community.

    Please, find below the schemas presenting the organizational aspects of MUB Biobank: