Medical University of Bialystok. MUB Knowledge Quiz.
  • Online Quiz on knowledge about the Medical University of Bialystok


    On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Medical University of Bialystok, on April 22-28, 2020, an Online Quize was held, during which we checked your knowledge about our University!

    We've prepared 21 questions that 573 people have answered:

    49,4 % were Students and PhD Students, 34,90 % were Guests and MUB Friends and 15,70% were MUB employees.

    (Quiz could be taken once).


    In our quiz 4 questions were the most difficult:


    Question nr 7 (51% of correct answers):

    What was located in the 18th century in the place of the current Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy?

    a)            arsenal

    b)           Palace kitchen

    c)            Palace stable


    Question nr 12  (51% of correct answers):

    What building of the Medical University of Bialystok is located at Szpitalna 30 in Bialystok?

    a)            Didactic and Science Centre of the Faculty of Health Science

    b)           Centre of Experimental Medicine

    c)            Center of Medical Simulation


    Question nr 18  (52% of correct answers):

    How many people participated in the recording of the MUB’s Lip-Dub in 2011?

    a)            around 100

    b)           around  350

    c)            around 550


    Question nr 4 (53% of correct asnwers):

     Where is the gallery of portraits of University Rectors located?

    a)            Aula Magna

    b)           Rector’s Office

    c)            Senate Room



    Quiz Winners


    We have drawn surprise prizes from all participants:

    MUB Hoodie  - Paula Mantiuk

    Box full of MUB gadgets - Cezary Listowski

    MUB T-shirt : Jakub Strawa Krystyna Maciorowska Ewelina Borawska

    MUB Coffe: Rafał Laskowski, Tomasz Tomaszek, Aleksandra Kuźma, Marcin Kondraciuk, Andrzej Raczkowski

    MUB Jubilee Publishing: Anhelina Bychkova, Monika Leśniewska, Jacek Małyszko, Wioleta Biryło, Magdalena Żukowska, Joanna Kossakowska, Mateusz Damięcki, Tomasz Kozłowski, Agnieszka Juchniewicz, Małgorzata Busińska


    All winners will receive an e-mail with information on the receipt the prize.