Medical University of Bialystok. Together for Heritage. European Academic Heritage Day 2020.
  • Together for Heritage. NBP and MUB presented a coin with the image of the Branicki Palace and showed Aula Nobilium dedicated to the graduates of MUB.


    The ceremony of presenting the Narodowy Bank Polski (The National Bank of Poland) commemorative coin with the image of the Branicki Palace and the former royal apartment - Aula Nobilium, took place as part of the European Academic Heritage Day. The event is part of the MUB's 70th anniversary celebrated this year.

    During his speech, the Rector of the Medical University of Bialystok, prof. Adam Krętowski emphasized the importance of historical heritage and the restoration of the splendor of the Branicki Palace - the main seat of our University. He said that the creation of Aula Nobilium is an expression of pride and recognition for the University's graduates and friends. His Magnificence added that the idea of ​​honoring graduates in this way was born during the meeting of the Association of Alumni and Friends of MUB in the USA.

    Later in the meeting, there was a presentation of the renovated former royal apartment in the Branicki Palace - Aula Nobilium. It is a prestigious place (next to Aula Magna), where graduates and friends of MUB are honored.

    Deputy Director of the NBP Regional Branch in Białystok - Krzysztof Ryczko said that the choice of the image of the Branicki Palace on the latest commemorative coin was obvious. It is the most recognizable building in the region and a beautiful monument at the same time. 5 PLN coin is the 12th in the „Discover Poland” series.

    After the presentation of Aula Nobilium, the head of the Historical Museum in Białystok, Piotr Niziołek, gave a lecture entitled "A coin for health". It was devoted to the medical symbolism on the coins and numismatic collections of the Branicki family. At the end of the ceremony (due to epidemiological reasons, it was held on-line in a limited group), a competition for internet users was held. The main prize was commemorative coin with the image of the Branicki Palace.