• Updated 19.09.2019 by Zakład Symulacji Medycznych


    Year 2018 - 2019

    I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding with the schedule.

    Below is the proper version:

    Jan 16th - C

    Jan 17th - D due to gynecology exam - I propose to start classes later - 10pm, 10.30 ? - waiting for Your contact 

    Jan 18th - E

    Jan 21st - D (second day)

    Jan 22nd - C (second day)

    Jan 23rd - B (first day, maybe longer classes and arrange the rest of simulations later ?)

    Jan 24th - H (second day)

    Jan 25th - I (second day)

    Jan 29th - A (first day)

    Jan 30rd - F (first day)

    Jan 31st - G (first day)

    (Feb 1 and 4th - subgroups H and I are going to have pediatric nephrology)

    Feb 5th - E (second day)

    Feb 6th - F (second day)

    Feb 7th - G (second  day)

    Feb 8th - A (second day)

    Wlodzimierz Luczynski