• Updated 17.11.2019 by Zakład Symulacji Medycznych


    Year 2019 - 2020

    The latest version of the schedule of medical simulations in pediatrics (usually 8am-11am):

    Nov 28th - A (first day)

    Nov 29th - D

    Dec 2nd   - E

    Dec 3rd    - C

    Dec 4th    - B

    Dec 5th    - F

    Dec 9hth -  A (changed from Dec 20th) - start 1pm (second day)

    Dec 12th  - B (second day, start at noon) 

    Dec 13th  - C (start at noon)

    Dec 16th  - D (start 8am)

    Dec 17th   - E

    Dec 18th   - F

    Dec 20th - A - changed to Dec 9th (1pm)


    Wlodzimierz Luczynski