Medical University of Bialystok. Research & Science.
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    Research & Science

    • Enzymatic activity of fungi
    • In vitro  antifungal activity of  the new syntethised compounds  
    • The impact of  fungal air pollution on human health 
    • Tropical medicine
    • Risk of occupational health with particular regard to aggression, mobbing, burnout, biological risks
    • Interdisciplinary research related to the quality of life and assessment of the status of the patient for the planning of child care, health promotion, health education and self-care in health and disease
    • Medical law and bioethics
    • Addictions among youth
    • Evaluation of  the anthropometric  parameters  and  fat turnover in the  term born  neonates
    • Methods of family planning and sexual behaviour of young people
    • Problems of palliative care
    • The perception on volunteerism
    • Multicultural medicine problems
    • Psychodermatology
    • Problem of stigmatization in medicine
    • Neurological nursing and rehabilitation in neurological departments
    • Assessment of the level of decompression disease among divers