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    Educational Offer

    Faculty offers the following courses of study in Polish:

    • Laboratory Medicine (long-cycle programme studies, full-time and extramural studies)
    • Pharmacy (long-cycle programme studies, full-time and extramural studies)
    • Cosmetology (I degree and II degree, full-time and extramural studies).


    Programs for both courses, namely, the Laboratory Medicine and Pharmacy have been approved by the State Accreditation Committee.

    Faculty offers a PhD course:

    • in the area of medical sciences in the field of medical biology
    • in the area of pharmaceutical sciences


    In the new academic year 2018/2019 the Faculty is opening International PhD course in the full-time form of study.

    Names of the fields of studies:

    • Medical sciences - scientific discipline: Medical Biology
    • Pharmaceutical sciences

    The studies are co-financed within a project by the EU funds.

    The main aim of the project is to increase the level of international scientific activities of the Faculty. The aim is reached by the introduction and implementation of interdisciplinary international PhD studies in the Faculty. The studies meet the needs of labor market. The studies lead to getting Doctor’s degree in the field of Medical sciences, scientific discipline: Medical Biology or in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences by 12 PhD students participating in this project.

    More details on the project’s website:



    Faculty offers postgraduate training for pharmacists and laboratory diagnosticians within the Faculty's Postgraduate Study Center.


    Based on the parametric evaluation of scientific units conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine, Medical University of Białystok, obtained A category.