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    Regulations of the Department of Population Medicine and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention


    1.            The regulations of the Department of Population Medicine and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention are consistent with the Regulations of Studies at the Medical University of Bialystok.

    2.            Classes follow the syllabus of the subject.

    3.            The student is obliged to arrive on time for classes, comply with the rules and regulations of occupational health and safety and fire protection, and follow the instructions of the teacher.

    4.            All accidents and dangerous situations should be immediately reported to the person conducting the classes.

    5.            The conditions for passing individual subjects are included in the subject regulations available on the notice board and on the Department's website.

    6.            Compulsory and recommended literature is included in the subject regulations available on the notice board and on the Institute's website.

    7.            Presence at lectures, seminars and exercises is obligatory.

    8.            Absence from classes must be immediately justified in writing, at the latest during the first classes in which the student participates, from the moment the reason for the absenteeism is determined. In all cases, a sick leave is required (absences caused by illness) or an official note from the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Medical University of Bialystok (other circumstances). Photocopies, faxes and electronic forms of the above-mentioned documents are not allowed.

    9.            Unexcused absences are not allowed.

    10.          Outstanding content-related activity during the seminars is rewarded with additional points that count towards the final grade.

    11.          The condition for admitting to the final credit is to pass all seminars, exercises and attendance at classes.

    12.          Failure to pass the seminar and / or exercise will result in inability to pass.

    13.          Failure to attend the exam or pass the exam within the prescribed period without justification results in obtaining an unsatisfactory grade and the loss of the right to exams or retake credits. The justification should be submitted to the teacher on the day of the exam at the latest, and in exceptional cases within 7 days after the exam.

    14.          The results of the credits, tests and examination will be posted on the notice board of the Department.

    15.          The student has the right to view tests, credits and examinations on the day the results are announced.

    16.          Students participate in classes in accordance with their assignment to appropriate didactic groups.

    17.          During the seminar, exercises and lectures, it is forbidden to use cell phones, eat, and take photos and recordings.

    18.          A student's noncultural or non-compliant behavior during the seminar will result in his / her being asked to leave the classroom, which is tantamount to failing the classes.

    19.          People under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances will not be allowed to participate in the classes, which is tantamount to receiving a failing grade for the exercise.

    20.          The person conducting the classes with a given group is responsible for organizational matters.

    21.          In the event of doubts related to the course of exercises, credits or an examination, the student has the right and obligation to contact the Head of the Department.

    22.          In matters not covered by these regulations, the decision is made by the Head of the Department.