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    Diploma Legalization


    The legalization of  diplomas at the Faculty of Medicine with Division of Dentistry and English Division


    The procedure for higher education diplomas awarded by a foreign school is specified in

    the 01st September 2011 Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science (published in the Journal of Laws, no. 196, item 1168).


    The rules  of diplomas awarded by foreign school  legalization procedure are regulated by the Rector’s Regulation No. 18.



    Every document submitted should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator kept on the list by the Minister of Justice: http:/bip.ms.gov.pl/rejestry-i-ewidencje/tlumacze-przysiegli/lista-t…. or by a foreign translator with a certification by a competent Polish consul.


    Please be advised that according to § 5 subpara. 3 of the Regulation, the Council of Faculty may adopt a  resolution on the necessity of  taking relevant  examinations in case of differences in

    the curriculum or time of  completion of  the courses or teaching results.


    The fee for higher education diploma legalization  is listed in the regulation of the Rector  of

    the University zarządzenie Rektora-treść zarządzenia.


    All matters concerning the legalization procedure are handled by Emilia Kulesza, tel. +48 85 748-54-29

    e-mail: emilia.kulesza@umb.edu.pl


    Past exams statistics:

    June 2011 – 7 candidates (2 passed)

    January 2012 – 44 candidates (10 passed)

    June 2012 - 29 candidates (passed 7)

    October 2012 - 56 candidates (passed 6)

    December 2012 - 37 candidates (passed 14)

    June 2013 - 61 candidates (passed 8)

    October 2013 - 47 candidates (passed 14)

    September 2014 - 167 candidates (passed 40)