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    Third place in the team classification

    01.06.2017 19:20
    Autor: Administrator UMB


    Nationwide Competition of Anatomical Knowledge “ SCAPULA AUREA” was held on May 26th-28th in Krakow.

    Two teams of students from the Faculty of Medicine of MUB took part in the contest (Polish-language students and English Division students) and they ranked strong third place in the team classification! Congratulations!
    Polish-language students:
    1. Betlejewska Joanna
    2. Boczkowska Małgorzata
    3. Krajewska Katarzyna
    English Division students:
    1. Yosan Eyob
    2. Lennart Luecke
    3. Amin Donardi
    Students were taken care of by Associate Professor Dorotę Lemancewicz and Magdalenę Szkudlarek MD,PhD.