Medical University of Bialystok. Regulations.
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    Polish Language Class Regulations

    1. Students should take responsibility for their own learning and development, working in partnership with staff to become self-reliant, independent learners.
    2. Students are required to attend classes on time. Three late arrivals will constitute one absence.
    3. Transfer to another class is not allowed unless approved by the Dean's Office.
    4. Students may be absent from two classes during the academic year without having to provide a reason.
    5. Seven or more unauthorised absences: no credit is awarded; the course must be retaken.
    6. Eight or more absences (authorised or unauthorised): no credit is awarded; the course unit must be retaken.
    7. Documentation verifying the reason for absence (e.g. a doctor's note) must be provided no later than the first class after returning to school duty.
    8. Students are required to take all tests in the group to which they are assigned.
    9. Unauthorised absence from a scheduled test will result in a fail grade (’2’) for that particular test.
    10. If a valid reason for non-attendance at a scheduled test is provided (e.g. a doctor's note or a University-approved document), the student will be allowed to take the test at a different time set by the teacher.
    11. All failed tests must be retaken in the manner and at the time determined by the teacher.
    12. Based on good attendance records, active classroom participation and satisfactory academic progress, students must earn credits before the start of the examination session.
    13. The first year is concluded with a written test, taken before the end of term, covering all the crurriculum of that academic year. Students with no more than four absences during the academic year, two of which can be unauthorised, and who have passed each test at first attempt will be exempted from taking the final test.
    14. The second year is concluded with a written test covering all the curriculum of that academic year, and an oral exam covering the course contents. Students who have had no more than four absences during the academic year, two of which must be authorised, and who have passed each test at first attempt will be exempted from taking the final written test.
    15. Students who fail their final test will need to retake it before the start of the examination session.
    16. The final oral exam, covering the curriculum of the two-year programme, will take place at the end of the second year during the ‘Examination Session’. Students who have not been awarded credit for the second year of study will not be allowed to take the final examination.
    17. Exam retakes are held in June (first ‘retake session’) and September (second ‘retake session’).
    18. The final grade recorded in University registers is the average of the oral examination (if passed) (50%) and the average of all grades attained during the two-year programme of study (50%). All grades, including retakes, are taken into consideration.
    19. Students' academic progress is assessed using the Polish Tertiary Education Grading System and is based on percentage scores. The following grading system will be applied:


    Percentage score


    Grade definition




    85%– 92%


    Very Good










    below 60%




    1. Cheating in any form will invalidate the student's prior academic achievements and will be reported to the competent authority.
    2. Students should show respect to all the employees of the Foreign Languages Department and to their fellow students. Students are expected to keep all classrooms neat and tidy.
    3. All matters not expressly covered by these Regulations will be determined by the course teacher or by the Board of Teachers at the student's written request.