Medical University of Bialystok. Education.
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    Our mission at the Department of Foreign Languages is to provide professional foreign language tuition to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Medical University of Białystok. Our objective is to deliver language training that responds to learners’ specific needs, thus preparing them to function successfully and effectively in the field of medical research and future professional settings. We also seek to create a language learning environment which fosters different forms of multilingualism and multiculturalism.


    We offer a wide variety of English for Medical Purposes (EMP) courses, including:

    • English for Doctors;
    • English for Nurses;
    • English for Midwives;
    • English for Dentists;
    • English for Dental Technicians;
    • English for Dental Hygienists;
    • English for Paramedics;
    • English for Physiotherapists;
    • English for Laboratory Technicians;
    • English for Radiographers;
    • English for Cosmetologists;
    • English for Pharmacists;
    • English for Speech Therapists.


    We also offer:

    • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses,
    • Latin language courses;
    • Polish as a foreign language courses.