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    April 27th, 2020

    The last update in this academic Year.

    Today I would like to focus on non-technical skills in medicine.

    I prepared few presentations and articles for You. All are standardized and very helpfull in everyday work.

    Thank You very much for this Year. I wish You luck in personal and professional life.

    All the best :)

    Włodzimierz Łuczyński


    Non-technical skill in emergency medicine - introduction and assesment scale - Ottawa:

    Non-technical skills


    SBAR protocol - for communication between doctors :)

    SBAR - communication


    PARENTS protocol - for communications with parents. Believe me - its not only for future pediatricians:



    April 2nd, 2020

    Dear Students

    I hope that after reading all proposed chapters You are ready for the quiz. Below You will find 25 questions from the topics listed below. The quiz is based on UpToDate service (its really cool !). The quiz is obligatory to all students.

    Remember that this is PDF presentation, You will find the answer on the following slide, so do not click too quickly  :)

    Good luck !

    Wlodzimierz Luczynski


    Internal medicine - quiz for 6th Year Medical Faculty - Department of Medical Simulations


    March 27th, 2020


    Dear Students !

    We are going to have a small "e-learning" course in internal medicine with the use of this website.

    Every 2-3 days I will show You new informations and quiz to learn as much as You can in this difficult time.

    Best regards

    Wlodzimierz Luczynski


    March 27th, 2020

    General topics to learn:


    1. Dyspnea in adults, ketoacidosis – symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment.
    2. The use of psychoactive substances, poisoning in adults – symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment.
    3. Shock (including anaphylaxis) – symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment.
    4. Impaired consciousness, coma, aphasia.
    5. Abdominal pain (differential diagnosis and treatment)
    6. Acute complications of anticancer treatment.


    Source: "Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine" or "Up To Date" (Wolters Kluwer).


    Detailed topics:

    1. Diabetic ketoacidosis (new onset of diabetes).

    2. Paracetamol poisoning.

    3. Anaphylactic shock.

    4. Stroke.

    5. Acute pancreatitis. Cholelithiasis.

    6. Sepsis and neutropenia in acute leukemias. Central catheter infections.