Medical University of Bialystok. Patient Care.
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    Patient Care

    • Pediatric cardiology

    Our Department as the only one in the region has the space for children and adolescents with cardiological problems. Together with outpatient department we provide the care for 32 000 patients. We hire 3 doctors – specialists in cardiology (only 150 in Poland) and another 3 during the specialisation. Our Department is well equipped: ECG, echocardiography, stress test, Holter ECG, ABPM, Tilt test. It allows us to diagnose and treat children with cardiologic conditions. Our specialty are dysrythmias, hypertension, syncopes and heart diseases. In Poland we notice 5-10 congenital heart diseases for 1000 newborn children yearly. We also diagnose and qualify children for cardiosurgical procedures. Finally we are interested in cardiological symptoms of general conditions in children and adolescents.

    • Pediatric endocrinology

    As the only one in our region we coordinate drug programs including therapy of precocious puberty with Triptorelin, treatment of GHD with growth hormone, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and also IGF-1 (Increlex) therapy of IGF-1 deficiency. We educate patients in this field, we also monitor this therapy with the use of sensitive diagnostic methods. We perform ultrasound of the thyoid gland with elastographic technique (assessment of thyroid nodules). Our team includes: 5 physicians with the specialty in endocrinology, 3 residents and nurses trained in hormone therapy, dietician and psychologist.


    • Pediatric diabetology


    We provide care for most of the patients with diabetes in our voivodalship and near. Almost 80% of our patients are treated with the use of insulin pump. Our department includes education room with all needed equipment. Our team consists of 4 physicians, 2 educational nurses, dietician expirienced in this field, psychologist. Due to coordination with other centers we can diagnose non-typical diabetes including monogenic.



    “Cell therapy in type 1 of diabetes mellitus with the use of T-regulatory cells and anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody – randomized trial”