Medical University of Bialystok. About us.
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    About us

    Head of Department:

    Prof. Dr hab.n. med. Wiesława Ewa Niklińska
    tel. (85) 748 54 54

    Dane kontaktowe:

    ul. Waszyngtona 13,
    15-269 Białystok
    tel. (85) 748 54 55 
    fax: (48)(85) 748 54 55

    Department of Histology and Embryology was established in 1950 while the Medical Academy in Białystok was founded. The first chief of the Department was Henryk Godlewski (1950-1951), succeeded by Józef Biborski (1951-1953), Zdzisław Nowicki (1954-1955), Helena Lewińska (1955-1968), Leopold Rejniak (1968-1997), Bogusław Sawicki (1997-2009), and Zygmunt Mackevic (2009-). In 2009 the Department of Histology and Embryology was incorporated into the join Chair of Biostructure (Head, professor dr hab. Lech Chyczewski). The Department  possess modern Class Hall equipped with microscopes and computers with the digital learning system for histology, embryology and cytophysiology.