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    About us


    Profile of clinical activity

    comprehensive, specialist diagnostics of children with renal diseases which especially refers to:

    ·         congenital defects and syndromes

    ·         glomerulonephritis

    ·         urolithiasis

    ·         miction disturbances

    ·         bacterial and non-bacterial urinary tract infections

    treatment of children with urinary tract diseases using all approachable methods including peritoneal dialysis (CAPD, APD), hemodialysis and plasmapheresis

    diagnostic and treatment of  arterial hypertension in children and adolescent

    treatment of neonatal diseases

    treatment of acute pediatric diseases


    Applied research techniques

    Immunoenzymatic  ELISA tests
    Assessment of plasma and urinary oxalate concentration using enzymatic methods
    Assessment of urinary calcium oxalate crystallization by Bonn Risk Index (BRI)
    Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
    Urodynamic examination (uroflowmetry, cystometry)
    Kidney biopsy


    Didactic activity

    Lectures and classes in pediatrics for 4th year Faculty of Medicine Students for both Polish and English Division

    Lectures and classes in pediatrics for 3th year students for Division of Dentistry

    conducting the final examination in pediatrics for 6th year Faculty of Medicine Students

    activity of student's scientific group in Department of Pediatrics and Nephrology


    Scientific and research filed

    Pathogenesis and treatment of nephrotic syndrome in children
    Metabolic diagnostics of urolihiasis in children
    Assessment of miction disturbances in children
    Searching for new markers of  kidney damage in children
    The role of hyperuricemia in pathogenesis of arterial hypertension