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  • Healthcare for Current Students. English Division students
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    Healthcare for Current Students

    Current Students of the Medical University of Bialystok with valid health insurance can seek medical assistance in english language at the doctor offices located at:


    Medical University of Bialystok Clinical Hospital

    Waszyngtona 15A Street,

    15- 269 Białystok

    second floor,rooms no. 3015-17

    Open: Monday-Friday

    Hours: 8am-6pm

    phone no.85 745 0950


    Please be advice that above doctor office is a suggestion and you can see any family doctor of your choice.




    • Before an appointment make sure you have a valid health insurance card with you
    • If you do not have insurance the visit will cost you 50 PLN
    • In the case of medical emergency in a night time or weekends you can visit ER Clinic.
    • For ER Clinic schedule and address call 112 (from mobile phone)