Medical University of Bialystok. Student life.
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    Student life

    MUB is not just about studying. We strive to integrate of the whole academic community, and to achieve this goal, our departments try their best to give you a memorable social experience as well. We hold various events for Polish and foreign community members, such as sport tournaments,  the International Cooking Day, the International Karaoke Night, the International Sport Day, etc.  We organize a student cultural festival called Medykalia, offering picnics, sport games and concerts. The event always starts with an annual bike ride known as the "Journey to health".
    The international community of English-speaking students is very active, too. They organize football games, celebrate their national holidays and prepare a lot of theme parties (such as Christmas parties, BUM & ANSA & GMS Halloween Party).
    The Medical University of Bialystok is always open to new ideas.