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    Welcome to the admissions page of the Medical University of Bialystok. Here you will find all the admission information you may need.
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  • About the University

    Currently, the University has 5300 students studying 16 fields of medicine, including 400 students in our English Division. Foreign students come to study here from all over the world.
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    Why MUB?

    Check out some reasons why medical studies at the Medical University of Bialystok would be a good choice.
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    How to Apply?

    You think it`s complicated? No worries! We will walk you through the process. See our step-by-step instructions.
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  • MUB Stories

    Alireza Tafazoli
    PhD student, Research assistant, and Co-lecturer - Faculty of Pharmacy with Division of Laboratory Medicine - Genomics lab, Clinical Research Centre
    I think the two most important features for your educational progress are the university's quality and type of the people around you. Medical University of Bialystok and the people in there (professors, tutors, staff, etc.) are really great and remarkable. The city of Bialystok itself is also a wonderful and perfect place to live for the foreign students
    Gladys Emmanuella Putri Langi, M.Sc.
    PhD student (ImPRESS MSCA COFUND programme)
    I found MUB to be enthusiastic in welcoming and accommodating international students. All my lectures are in English and I have met many people around Bialystok who speak English well. This really helps me adapt to the city and focus on my studies.
    Adnan Amin
    5th Year Medicine English Division Class Representative
    Absolutely fantastic place to study Medicine. Lovely friendly staff that are always on hand to help and are more than qualified to teach lessons. I feel safe whilst I’m studying both in and around campus. Overall would highly recommend to any student thinking about attending the Medical University of Bialystok.
    M. Sc. Anna Erol
    Clinical Research Centre
    MUB has well equipped laboratories, which gives many opportunities for research. Additionally, the main building of MUB is situated in a beautiful palace with charming garden. The city of Białystok and its surroundings has many bike paths and I am able to reach everywhere easily by bike.
    Bence Galik, MSc
    ImPRESS PhD student, Department of Clinical Molecular Biology
    The reason I love Podlasie Province, because here I experienced the real and historical Hungarian-Polish friendship. As a biologist, I really appreciate the European bison reservation, the only place, where they could be found in nature. At MUB the future students may choose from numerous grant opportunities and scholarships to support their projects and life.
    Luis Felipe Padilla Martinez
    Center for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
    Second year PhD student enrolled in the “ImPRESS HORIZON 2020cofund doctoral program”. I have been pleasantly surprised by Bialystok, it has nothing but good things to offer: the architecture on Rynku Kościuszki, the nature, the people, the food and the culture. I have had only good experiences so far, and I am happy to have been accepted as part of this project. My colleagues from the department have been really friendly, I’m lucky to be surrounded by skillful scientists. I’m excited to see what comes next on my PhD project and the impact that it will have on the medical environment.
    Suhanya Prasad
    PhD student in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics
    My experience as an international student from India has so far been enriching. The University administration and faculty are highly efficient. Upon my arrival they have been very welcoming, which made me feel comfortable. Bialystok is a Beautiful and calm city. I would say its cost effective and overall a great place to live.
    Sinemyiz Atalay, M.Sc
    PhD student, Research Assistant Faculty of Pharmacy
    Doing PhD in MUB is truly inspirational. Working with a great research team in a fully equipped laboratory, improving yourself and your research skills by learning modern methods, visiting and, collaborating with scientist from different laboratories in different countries are only a few of its benefits. Moreover, Białystok is a fascinating place to live with its amazing nature.
    Jordan Holl, MSc
    ImPRESS PhD Program Foreman, Department of Regenerative Medicine & Immune Regulation
    Over my last 2 years I've had the opportunity to work with exceptional scientists, improve my research capabilities, and have a good time while doing so. The international student community is also very active, so meeting people in similar circumstances and making fast friends is very easy to do and helps to maintain a nice work-life balance.
  • Why study Medicine in Bialystok

    5 Reasons Why…

    • Bialystok, Podlasie – a beautiful green region of Poland
    • Unique teaching quality from a professional team of qualified academic teachers
    • Diploma recognized worldwide
    • MUB Campus - in the city center, within a walking distance from all the important places
    • Modern facilities

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  • University Brochure

    Explore our brochure to see more photos and find out about our research and teaching projects, international cooperation, university hospitals, and more.


  • After Hours

    City Places

    Besides well-known tourist attractions such as the Branicki Palace, easily you can find here many restaurants, hotels, sport venues and cultural facilities including the Stanislaw Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic.
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    Student Organizations

    MUB is home to divisions of the following international students’ associations: the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA), and the German Medical Students in Białystok (GMS)
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    Student Life

    MUB is not only about studying. We care about the integration of the whole academic community and that is why our departments work hard to make your experience at MUB memorable also on the social side.
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  • Life near the MUB Campus

    The Medical University of Bialystok has always been central to the city. The beautiful 18th th century Branicki Palace where the University is headquartered, is surrounded by garden full of color and a vast green city park called Planty.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which subjects are required in an application?

    Candidates choose 2 out of 4 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics).

    Does the University offer support for students in such non-school matters as apartment rentals?

    Medical University of Bialystok has a functioning Welcome Centre , which offers assistance in dealing with various matters at the University, in the city office, renting an apartment, making a doctor’s appointment, etc.

    Does the University help students with their visa applications?

    Visa matters are up to the candidates to handle, however, document confirming enrollment can be issued upon request.

    Is a dormitory available?

    A lot of English Division students stay in one of the MUB dormitories which is located in the campus, within 5-min walking distance from the hospitals. The number of available rooms is limited so we advise to apply when it’s confirmed that you got accepted.

    I don’t speak Polish. Is it possible for me to move around and get things done easily in your city?

    A lot of Bialystok inhabitants speak English. The University will soon launch a mobile app where you can find information about English speaking taxi corporations, restaurants or hotels. If needed, Welcome Centre employees are also ready to assist you.

    What ‘extracurricular’ activities are there for students after classwork?

    Numerous events integrating the academic community are organized at the University. Many of them are held in English. If you want to learn more, check our Student's life section.





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    The program is co-financed from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, non-competitive project entitled Raising the competences of the academic staff and the institution's potential in accepting people from abroad - Welcome to Poland implemented as part of the Activity specified in the application for co-financing of the project No. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14 / 18