Medical University of Bialystok. Why MUB?.
  • Updated 31.03.2021 by English Division

    Why MUB?

    The Medical University of Białystok  offers superior teaching quality delivered by our qualified and competent staff, a well-equipped research and teaching base, and state-of-the-art facilities including 2 teaching hospitals and 8 research units, such as the Clinical Research Centre, Experimental Medicine Centre, Innovation Research Centre or Centre for Medical Simulation, highly appreciated by all students.

    We have study clubs and student organizations at the University, with students conducting clinical trials, learning practical skills, taking part in scientific conferences and pursuing their interests.

    The University is headquartered in a beautiful eighteenth-century Baroque Palace called the "Versailles of the North". The University campus, study buildings, two clinical hospitals, student dormitories and sports facilities are located in the city centre, all within a walking distance.

    At the Medical University of Białystok, we are committed to improve the comfort and give the best experience to foreign students, with a special focus on good practice and on giving new students a warm welcome. To achieve these goals, we have recently opened our Welcome Centre which offers integrated services for foreign students, PhD students and academic staff. Here they will have the opportunity to receive professional assistance in their functioning at the University and in Bialystok. Amenities such as bilingual signage around the Campus as well as a mobile app designed for the whole academic community are currently in progress and will be launched very soon. MUB hosts some integration events too, often in English and they are very popular. Go to „Student Life” section to learn more.