Medical University of Bialystok. How to apply.
  • Updated 24.05.2023 by Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

    How to apply

    1. Read the admission REQUIREMENTS carefully.
    2. When you think you are ready to apply, click „Apply”.
    3. Fill in all the information and upload all necessary documents.
    4. Press SUBMIT when you are done (applications will not be considered unless submitted properly).
    5. Your application will be evaluated. Wait for an email with further information.
    6. If you qualify, you will be invited to an interview (in order to participate in the interview, you will have to pay your enrollment fee).
    7. When the date of the next interview is set, you will be informed in advance (read about the interview).
    8. If you pass the interview successfully, you will have to deliver all the required documents (hard copies) and participate in a pre-course held in September (3 weeks).