Medical University of Bialystok. 3rd year.
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    3rd year

    Internal medicine for 3rd year Students


    3-week course, 8.00-11.00







    M. Skłodowskiej-Curie St. 24A, Białystok, 2-nd floor (next to the chapel)



    Please remember to change your shoes and wear the medical clothing (scrubs).




    1./ The fundamentals of skilled interviewing; overview of the adult health history: chief complaint, history of present illness, past medical history, family history, social history, review of systems (CC, HPI, PMH, FHx, SHx, ROS)

    2./ General symptoms, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms.

    3./ Gastrointestinal tract symptoms.

    4./ Genitourinary, musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms.

    5./ Introduction to physical examination (PE). General survey and examination of vital signs and skin.

    6./ Examination of the head, ears, eyes, nose, throat (HEENT) and neck

    7./ The cardiopulmonary examination

    8./ The cardiopulmonary examination cont. & peripheral vascular system exam.

    9./ The abdomen examination.

    10./ The abdomen exam cont. & the genitourinary system examination.

    11./ The musculoskeletal and neurologic examination – selected issues.

    12./ Preparing written History and Physical Examination (H & P).

    13./ Preparing written H&P cont. Individual work with patients.

    14./ Basics of ECG.

    15./ Final evaluation of the course.


    Evaluation on this course is based on class participation, written History and Physical Examination (H & P) during the classes and written test.


    Literature obligatory

    Macleod’s Clinical Examination

    Literature complementary:

    L.S. Bickley – Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination

    Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine