Medical University of Bialystok. Current Research.
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    Current Research


    Biomarkers in neuroinfections. 

    Pediatric sepsis: epidemiology, signs and symptoms, biomarkers.

    Epidemiology of aseptic meningitis.

    Tick-borne infections: epidemiology, signs and symptoms, biomarkers.

    Respiratory pathogens in children: epidemiology, links with air pollution.

    Pathogens of gastroenteritis in children. 

    Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding infectious diseases and immunizations.

    Congenital CMV infections.

    Congenital toxoplasmosis.

    Enteroviral infections in children - epidemiology, clinical picture, monitoring of genotypes.

    Acute COVID-19 in children. Complications of COVID-19, including MIS-C: pathophysiology, genetic predisposition.