• 04.10.2021 Zakład Chemii Medycznej





    1. During the classes students are obliged to change shoes and wear protective masks.
    2. Using mobile phones in the chemistry laboratory is forbidden.
    3. In the chemical laboratory, students are required to wear protective lab coats. Some of the chemicals used during laboratory exercises can be harmful to your skin and destructive to your clothing.
    4. Students should avoid wearing loose clothing in the lab. Long hair ought to be tied back.
    5. No open–toed shoes or sandals are allowed in the lab.
    6. Students must be familiar with the toxicity of chemicals used for lab experiments. Be also familiar with the location of all safety equipment in the lab.
    7. Students can’t work unsupervised in the lab. Students are allowed to perform chemical experiments only in a teacher presence and in accordance with the laboratory guidebook. Unauthorized experiments are not allowed in the lab.
    8. Spilling of reagent, breaking of glassware with reagent or another accident should be reported immediately to a teaching assistant.
    9. It is forbidden to mix pipettes between different reagents. The bench reagent should be placed back to its proper place immediately after use.
    10. All pipetting must be performed with pipette pump or droppers. (Never by mouth!)
    11. All experiments performed with concentrated acids or bases, in which the toxic gas or fumes are released, should be carried out under a hood only.
    12. Unused chemicals shouldn’t be poured back into their original bottles, unless otherwise specified. 
    13. Broken glassware and used paper filters should be discarded into appropriate containers. Remaining acids, bases and other reagents should be poured into the sink and followed by rinsing with running tap water.
    14. Work area should be kept clean and uncluttered.
    15. Silence and order should be kept during laboratory work.
    16. Main for gas should be used very carefully. While switching of a gas burner, at the beginning, the intake of the air should be closed, then a gas tap should be slowly opened, gas switched and air intake regulated. Open flame shouldn't be left unattended.
    17. While heating a test tube content in an open flame, the tube outlet shouldn’t be pointed toward anyone in the lab.
    18. After finishing laboratory work students are obliged to clean their glassware with detergent solution using brush, then wash it with tap and distilled water, respectively.
    19. After work, burners and all electrical devices should be turned off.
    20. Eating, drinking or smoking are not allowed in the laboratory area.
    21. Tasting any chemical reagents is forbidden!
    22. Students should wash their hands thoroughly after work.  


    1. In case of pouring the body or clothes with acids, rinse the place with plenty of tap water and neutralize with NaHCO3 or borax (eye).
    2. In case of pouring the body or clothes with bases, rinse the place with plenty of tap water and neutralize with  boric acid or citric acid.