• 04.10.2021 Zakład Chemii Medycznej



    1. Chemistry course consists of 8 hours of lectures (5 lectures), 20 hours of classes (5 laboratory classes), 2 hours of seminars (2 seminars) and final test. Lectures (on line - Blackboard educational platform), seminars (on line - Blackboard educational platform) and classes are provided according to the presented Schedule (Teaching program). Students should be prepared theoretically on all particular classes. Their knowledge should be based on lectures, handouts and books. Topics required for classes are presented on the web side of the Department of Medical Chemistry and on the Department table.
    2. Students are obliged to attend all classes. Absences should be excused as soon as possible. In case of illness, a doctor’s leave should be presented; any other absences should be confirmed by the dean or proper authorities. Excused absences should be make up in a fixed time. The consequence of unexcused absences is lack of credit at Chemistry!  
    3. The way of providing practical classes:
      1. introduction into the subject of experiments;
      2. performing experiments according to the description presented in handouts;
      3. credit of the practical part of the class.
    4. The conditions of passing the class:
      1. performing experiments with showing an understanding of a sense of carried procedures;
      2. report from practical part of the class;
      3. credit from a written class test.

    Students are informed about the results from the written class tests during the next classes.

    During classes students can get the following number of points:

    • written class test              9 points
    • performing experiments   3 points


                   maximum possible number of points       12 points/one class


      1.                                                                         60 points/all classes


    1. The conditions of getting credit at Chemistry. To get credit of the whole course students should pass all the classes and a final test. The condition to get credit from classes and to be admitted to the final test is obtaining 30 points. In case of less than 30 points, students may not get credit at Chemistry.

    Students who obtain totally at least 48 points (but not less than 5 points from individual written class test) can be relieved of writing the final written test (they get credit at whole Chemistry course !).

    The final test includes subjects from lectures and classes. The condition to get credit at the final test is obtaining 60 % of maximum number of points. 

    The results of the final test are available on the web site of the Medical Chemistry Department.